About Us



Schill Trucking, Inc is local trucking company located in St Augusta, Mn. Founded in 1925 by Ray Schill.  Ray Schill and his oldest son Myron started the transport company by transporting livestock.  Today the company is still in the family, owned and operated by Ray's youngest son Larry Schill and Ray's Grandson Gary. "Myron's son"

The trucking company today no longer hauls livestock, but it does transport small to large shipments of dry goods and temperature-controlled goods.  Shipping them though out Minnesota, North Dakota and Western boarders of Wisconsin.  Schill Trucking Inc.  Also provides secure warehousing, and load transfers as part of there services.  



Great West Casualty Company out of South Sioux City, Nebraska presented  a Platinum Award to Schill Trucking, Inc  as a part of the 2007 National Safety Award Program.

The National Safety Awards Program recognizes carriers in similar operations (truckload and less than truckload) with awards based on their year-end preventable accident results. Carriers are eligible to receive Platinum, Gold, Silver or Participatory Awards.  This past year, the program drew over 625 participants from across the county.