Schill Trucking, Inc. is a trucking company located in St Augusta, Minnesota. Founded in 1925 by Ray Schill and his oldest son Myron, they started out by transporting livestock.  The trucking company no longer hauls livestock, but it does transport small to large shipments of dry and temperature-controlled goods throughout Minnesota, North Dakota and western boarders of Wisconsin. Schill Trucking also provides secure warehousing and load transfers to compliment their transport services. Today the company is still in the Schill family, owned and operated by Ray's youngest son Larry Schill and Ray's Grandson Gary (Myron's son).

We take pride in being regarded as one of the most reliable and efficient transport providers in the Midwest. We excel at a wide range of logistic services, which includes trucking services, warehousing services, and load transfer services. We have years of experience in the business of logistics, warehousing, distribution, trucking and supply chain management services, and aim to provide our customers with convenient, reliable and affordable logistic services.